Brigitte has supported me over a number of years through feelings of panic, anxiety and depression. Her help has been invaluable in creating a space in my head to think clearly and self confidence to relax and trust in my own decisions.

She has a myriad of methods and a vast reservoir of knowledge to call upon and uses it responsibly and to great effect. I believe she also has an innate ability to empathise, understand and heal.


“Brigitte has worked with me for some time utilising all of her speciality skills and in-depth experience to help bring my life back into balance. Her holistic approach and tailor made individual treatments meant that my particular issues were addressed with sensitivity and improved my general wellbeing beyond expectations. I have since been able to move on with life in a positive way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brigitte to anyone in need of healing, or thinking about self improvement. E”

Passion for healing

Professionalism, empathy, a body-mind integral vision and, overall, passion for healing. Brigitte has been my CFS coach and Chrysalis Effect practitioner who has guided me on the recovery path during these 6 months. She has provided me a wide range of tools to understand my symptoms and to take care of my body-mind in order to regain vitality.

I couldn’t be more grateful. Six months ago I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes. Now I can walk 8 km every day and I’m still recovering! Thanks for teaching me how to take care of myself and learn to listen to my body. 

Gemma P – Spain

I asked Brigitte if she may be able to help with some urgent Reiki for my partner who had suffered a stroke immediately after a routine operation.  The stroke became life-threatening and he was transferred to a specialist hospital for urgent brain surgery. He was in an induced coma for 3 weeks, and Brigitte was able to provide distant Reiki during this time. I noticed that at the times when Reiki was arranged, my partner’s blood pressure would lower to allow him to be in a more settled state.  It was a very stressful time, particularly when the doctors attempted to bring him out of his coma.  There were different things happening to his body as he came back into consciousness, and Brigitte was able to focus Reiki on each particular highlighted concern as it happened, and as the doctors assessed for impact of the stroke.  Distant Reiki continued for all the time he was in Intensive Care and I strongly feel this aided his recovery process.  Medical staff and his work colleagues have referred to him as the ‘Miracle Man’ as he has endured so much and come through.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend Brigitte – she has been so helpful at a time of great stress, and I strongly feel her help has played a large part in my partner’s recovery.  

Jane F”

“Just wanted to let you know I have been feeling pretty good since I came to see you.  My state of mind has definitely improved.  I have changed my diet as you recommended, my weight is starting to drop, I can feel it.  Each day there seems to be another bit of improvement.  I have noticed my vitality has come back in buckets.  As the time has gone on I am finding obstacles that previously stood in my way are beginning to grow smaller or disappear altogether.  Thank you so much for what you have done for me so far.”


Although I knew absolutely nothing about HK when first I began my therapy; Brigitte gave me complete confidence in her abilities. Over a period of time I came to realise the remarkable improvements that Brigitte has made to my body and mind.

My biggest achievement is giving up smoking and I am completely sure I could not have accomplished this without the strength Brigitte’s treatments have given to me.

As a scientist I was always sceptical about ‘alternative therapies’. However, as is the case with most people, when something hurts you become willing to try something different.

Health Kinesiology has proved itself to me and I am certainly no longer a sceptic. The range of problems that it can help you with is vast and I can definitely recommend Brigitte as an excellent practitioner.

Brigitte has been of great assistance to both myself and my daughter, I have to confess of initially being sceptical with regard to the manner of her treatment, but if you open your mind the results speak for themselves.

As for the assistance she has given to my daughter, I honestly would not know where to begin in my praise, she very quickly became a caring confidante whom she trusts implicitly and touched areas no one ever came close to.

Brigitte is totally dedicated to the wellbeing of her patients with a genuine commitment to ongoing care and a successful outcome, her attention and patience is unwaivering.


“Brigitte has worked with me with HK and Reference Point Therapy for more than 1 year and I can’t recommend her highly enough. From initial assessment to regular sessions, she is an ultimate professional with an indepth knowledge of all the techniques she administers. Totally dedicated to the wellbeing of her patients with a genuine commitment to ongoing care and a successful outcome, her attention and patience is unwavering. First class.”


“I first started receiving HK in March 2007 from Brigitte when I was going through a great deal of emotional turmoil. I knew very little about the basis to this type of therapy but found that I felt better almost immediately. Brigitte has always explained very clearly and with great patience what she is doing and how the different aspects of HK are impacting on my body and mind as a whole.

Over the last two years Brigitte has supported me through physical and emotional issues always using a wide range of approaches. Her calm, reassuring manner instils great confidence and I always feel better.

Since starting the sessions with Brigitte I have become far more aware of the connection between our mind and body and the stresses put upon both by our environment.


”For several years we have had a horse on our stableyard who was completely void of any stable manners.

He would use his strength and attitude to try and do whatever was on his mind.

Over the last few months he has a changed view on life in his stable. He has become more responsive to orders and actually enjoys human company.

Thank you Brigitte, for your time and patience with Barny. He is now a horse who is a pleasure to look after.


Whenever I have a Health Kineseology from Brigitte I am always astonished at how she gets to the crux of my problems within a few minutes. She is both intuative and attentive. I just lie back and relax and by the end of the session I feel completely balanced and ready to take on the world again. It’s a truly wonderful feeling.

— Karen Blenkinsop, Warrington

Telephone testimonials given

01925 630895

I came to see Brigitte for emotional matters and in so doing my writers block disappeared and I have written a new book!

Thank you Brigitte for your excellent help on my health issues over the last three years , where my doctor had no answer you did, your logic and expertise is second to none, My last issue psoriasis was ruining my life I could not sleep so did not feel like doing anything in the day I have now got my life back , Thank you so much for all your help.

— Alan Shaw, Warrington

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