These videos are designed to give more information about the work I do and the conditions I treat. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

In this video I talk about the Chrysalis Effect and the steps you can take to help yourself feel better, calmer and more nourished in difficult times.

In this video I chat with fellow Chrysalis Effect practitioner Susan Gardner about the self care steps we are taking to help us through the current challenge. We share our top tips for maintaining wellbeing in difficult times.

In this video I chat with Su Winsbury, fellow Chrysalis Effect practitioner, about the work we do and how we do it.

Today I chat with Cath Finegan about naturopathy and nutrition. Cath talks about the many symptoms associated with chronic exhaustive conditions and how she treats them.

What do we know about fatigue from previous pandemics and what are we learning about how it presents itself following Covid-19?

In this video I explain what perfectionism actually is and challenge you to learn to say no!

My aim in this next series is to share with you resources and books that I have found helpful in clinic and with my clients.

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