Beauty and Toileteries

More and more of us are committing to eating organic foods and using natural health remedies. But many people don’t apply the same logic to skin and still buy trendy high street cosmetic brands without considering what goes in them.

Over the last 50 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced. You are absorbing a vast array of these synthetic chemicals from food, toiletries and the environment. It is not only the danger of the individual chemicals that is of concern but also their synergistic or ‘cocktail’ effect. At the present we have no idea what the long- term effect of these chemical cocktails will be on us and our bodies. One Scandinavian trial showed that two preservatives are 1,000 times more toxic when occurring together than when used separately.


Man-made chemicals help manufacturers create cheap products with great skin-feel but with little skin care benefit, and these just add to your toxic burden.

The average woman uses 15 personal care products a day. Up to 60 per cent of the chemicals you put on your skin can end up in your bloodstream so you can be absorbing as much as 2kg of man-made chemicals every year.

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