Case Studies

I have tried to illustrate with these studies how there is generally a knock on effect from these therapies; you may come for a particular reason but often other issues will also be addressed.


“Amanda” was recommended to come to see me.  She was feeling tired all the time and lethargic.  She was also suffering with a badly sprained and swollen ankle, which was giving her some considerable pain.  As her job, which she loves, entails a certain amount of walking this was beginning to really concern her. During the session we were able to do a pain correction for her, which not only brought the pain down to a manageable level but the swelling also reduced before our very eyes.  The great beauty of HK is that your body is able to prioritise and decide what is to be addressed during treatments.  The fact that Amanda still smoked came up and after the first session she found the strength to give up smoking immediately and after two years has not let a cigarette pass her lips.


“Sarah” came with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies that were getting worse.  Having gone through a rather unpleasant divorce, that and the stress that she was subjected to at work were finally taking their toll.  After a couple of sessions the OCD tendencies left her.  As a wonderful secondary effect of the treatment, she regained her trust in others and was able to move on in her relationship.  She is now in a loving and relaxed relationship with her “soul mate”.


A horse that I have treated was always seen as a “bolshy” character. He was also a terrible “headshaker” – light sensitivity and allergies were blamed for this problem.  In his stable he used his size to intimidate his handlers, who were always fearful that he would step on their feet.  After three treatments he is now a pleasure to look after and he now seems to genuinely like human company.  His headshaking is now also a thing of the past.  I have found with experience that often with an animal the owner/rider also needs some correction done on them.  For instance an aggressive dog will sense the owners fears through their lead and will react accordingly.  A horse will feel tension in the rider’s body and this is transmitted directly to the horse.  This type of problem can often be easily corrected and both owner and pet will benefit.


© Brigitte Hackney 2012