Geopathic stress and its possible effects

The earth oscillates at an extremely low frequency of 7.83 hertz, which is barely perceptible and is therefore also referred to as the DC Field or ELF = extremely low frequencies. It was discovered by the German physicist W. O. Schumann, after whom it is called the Schumann Resonance. This natural pulse of the earth has a stimulating and ordering influence on the life of man, animal and plant. It is assumed that the different frequencies of water veins, earth gaps, earth faults, and various global grid patterns disturb the natural earth magnetic field. If we are exposed in the long term and regularly to the influence of such geopathic disturbances – for example in our sleeping place or workplace – our immune system can be significantly weakened.

Possible problems associated with this geopathic stress are physical pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disorders, irritability, learning difficulties, infertility and miscarriages, behavioral problems in children, and cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Research on the topic of geopathic stress was carried out by Dr. Hans Nieper a globally acknowledged cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS) specialist who showed that 92 percent of his cancer patients and 75 percent of his MS patients were exposed to geopathic stress.

This video by Janey Lee Grace explains how these products that give protection work and improve sleep:

Further information can also be found here.

How to deal with geopathic stress

If you feel that there are geopathically disturbed zones in your house or in your apartment, please contact us. We support you in the energetic analysis of your sleeping place or work space and help you to find the right solution.

It is possible to give an appraisal of a house using a rough plan, without the need to actually be present. This can give solutions for resolving discordant energies. I have completed training on Earth Energies and Environmental Healing with Patrick MacManaway. Working on geopathic stress can affect positive changes in a person’s health.

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