Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a powerful set of procedures that can dramatically affect your BioEnergy systems. BioEnergy is our natural energy that makes us alive and is sometimes referred to as Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient philosophers described its many qualities and how it is the active principle forming part of any living thing.

Just as Chi is said to be augmented by nurture, it can also be degraded by adverse external forces. Similarly your natural BioEnergy can become disturbed. If you have been feeling below par it may be that your BioEnergy is out of balance.

It appears to be true that a better balanced BioEnergy system is also associated with spiritual growth. Because of the spirit-mind-body connections many people report that when they have improved BioEnergetically, they also notice that their mindset improves as well.

Did you know that you can ask your body’s BioEnergy what it needs to enjoy vibrant well being, and that your body can actually answer back? This is the founding principle of Health Kinesiology (HK)

HK uses a muscle testing technique to query your body’s BioEnergy System so that we can identify the energy changes necessary to restore the balanced flow of BioEnergy. A long established system founded by Jimmy Scott in 1978, HK combines the principles of Chinese medicine with the more modern technique of muscle testing, and is based on concepts of quantum physics.

Energy corrections are carried out by gently stimulating acupressure or other BioEnergy reflexes to return the BioEnergy System. Because HK is such a gentle non invasive system it is suitable for all ages however young or old.

What happens in a HK session?

Each session typically lasts approximately one hour. HK BioEnergy work is normally done while you lie fully clothed on a couch but if this is not comfortable, then it is possible to sit up for the session. Usually an arm muscle is used. This highly skilled technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring its response.

The information is then used by the HK practioner to apply a range of balancing techniques which can be specifically tailored to your personl goals or concerns.

As HK addresses every person as an individual no two sessions are ever the same, even for people with similar issues. In a single session a practitioner may identify and rebalance BioEnergy disturbances, as well as offering tailored information on changes in lifestyle or diet caused by events that occur in your life that might assist the BioEnergy rebalancing.

HK can work alongside health care and medical practitioners. HK doesn’t cure anyone, it makes it possible for BioEnergy healing to take place.

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